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We translate mainly in the areas that are described here so that we can offer not only linguistically correct and accurate, but also technical and professional translations. Therefore we have in our ranks people with work experience in a wide range of branches.

Technology and transportation

In this area we can support You with following translation:

We can support You also in following areas:

Our translators have experience in technical fields, have technical education and worked in various commercial and / or managerial positions. They therefore know the specific environment and culture of communication in the respective industry/branch.

In the translations often certain words, clauses or phrases are repeated several times. We have a variety of technical applications for word processing, so that You do not have to pay the repetitive texts again, see Technical tools.

Agriculture and environment

This translation and interpreting is performed by specialists who studied agriculture, science and/or ecology, and who worked in these industries in the Czech Republic and/or abroad. We offer a variety of very specific translations (technical news, articles), see also the section technology and transportation.

We often translate absolute latest news, equipment and technology that "does not even Google know". We believe that You may need one of our specialists in this regard, and that they can communicate with Your technical experts better and easier (according to the experiences and references of our customers).

Our translators consult directly with customers all that is necessary, so that the translations have not only a top-quality, but are also absolutely technically correct. We always retain the habitual practice of the terminology used in the respective companies, such as in the existing literature, magazines, websites of Your company, etc., and we believe this is very important.

These measures will not only save your time and the time of your experts, but also the costs for translation services - especially in the repetition of words or entire articles - see Technical tools.

Tourism and gastronomy

Would you like to be sure, that your web pages and texts do not only include all the necessary information, but is very good readable and interesting also in the foreign language, and that your potential and existing clients can find your services easily and quickly in the jungle of the Internet?

Then you are right with us! In the field of tourism and gastronomy, we can guarantee you many years of experience. We have translators who have worked as a tour guide in tourism, directly in the tourism office and/or catering business, or in customer service. So they know what the customers need to hear and what appeals to them in a particular country or culture. Even our knowledge of marketing and communications, we can use very well for Your purpose

The translation we process in accordance with the principles of SEO (optimization of texts for web search engines) so that your information is translated not only good, but also good findable in the particular language of the potential prospects, interested persons and Your present customers.

Often or several times repeated texts we do not charge again, but only a fraction of the price, what can You significantly save the cost of translation. See more in the section Technical tools.

Marketing and retail

Marketing is a specific area, because here more than anywhere else is important: not only what You say but how You say it. We would be pleased if You use our range of experience for your potential and existing customers. You can use it just as well for communicating with Your internal customers - the employees from Your company.

Our experience in marketing is based on practical and theoretical knowledge on marketing (some of our marketing specialists studied in the Czech Republic and / or abroad, eg in the Loma University in Atlanta, USA, or completed seminars which has been performed in person by Philip Kotler, the global marketing guru).

We have practical experience with:

This extensive knowledge is in the background of our professional translations, which we perform as much we know with:

More information about the technology and the progress of the translations can be found in the section Technical tools.

Pricing of the translation, interpreting and proofreading

Pricing of the translation

Pricing of the interpreting