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About us

Welcome to the website for translation and interpreting services in German, Swedish, English and Czech.

We translate mainly in the areas that are described here so that we can offer not only linguistically correct and accurate, but also technical and professional translations. Therefore we have in our ranks people with work experience in a wide range of branches.

In addition to the translation and interpreting services, we specialize in translation and localization of websites. Experience, we have gained in this field by several years of practice, we continue to develop and improve, parallel to the contemporary development of web communications.

We also know the differences in communication in the various disciplines, websites or web pages with technical writing for the general public with texts in the fields of tourism, catering and online shopping. It also depends on what You intend with the communication and which market targets you want to impact with.

If You use the content management systems, we can, if desired, offer You to perform the translation directly in this CMS. This allows You to avoid additional work, such as the implementation of the translated text on your site.

We also translate various technical texts, advertising and presentation -texts and -materials, flyers and other POS materials with experience and flair for marketing texts, slogans, etc., so that Your company's philosophy and the atmosphere of the communication remains as accurately and faithfully as possible also in the translation.

Specialists we have especially for following areas:

Technical tools

For the translation work, we have several types of programs that are needed for word processing, maintaining the appearance of documents and translation quality. The transfer of texts/materials is almost always electronically.

Here are some of the options used by our customers:

Format of the text to be translated:

Properties of translated documents:

Repeating of texts and discounts:

For any other special requirements and wishes please don't hesitate to contact us.